The Journey - All Roads Lead to Cheltenham

The idea of part ownership of a horse is scary to most, most people are concerned about the cost and risk involved, and rightly so. For these reasons we want to give the investor much more insight and control for their investment. Too many investors have very little control once money is passed over. At HRStats we want the share holder to be involved in every major decision on the given journey.

Investment would be sourced through Social Media Platforms and Crowd Funding. (£300 per person, per year approx.) Only when funding has reached a specific limit, does the next stage commence.

We would initially start at the Point to Point level, for value of money , monitor horses from a young age. With the aid of well established buyers and SME (Subject Matter Expert) we start the process of sourcing horses from Point to Point races in Ireland.

Invest in 3 separate horses over a wide distance spectrum. (1-2 Mile, 2 Mile, 3 Mile +)

Opinion polls would be set up for each paid member to have their say. This is vital for decisions to be made by a majority vote.

Opinion Poll 1 - Deciding a Name 

Opinion Poll 2 - Trainer for each horse to be decided. Judged on merit of the listed distances above.

Opinion Poll 3 - Pathway for the horse in collaboration with the selected trainer. The end goal will be Cheltenham. Please be aware this is a journey and will take time and money. 

Feedback would be required from the stable staff (especially the handler who interacts with the horses on a daily basis) Health updates , fitness tracking , general well being of the horses.

Open and transparent costs breakdown. 

After some time and if the club gets to the level we expect. 

Opinion Poll 4 - Any money thats of profitable basis through funding or winnings would be re-invested in more horses, or goes against the following years membership. 

Opinion Poll 5 - WE have to expect not all the horses will be suitable or perform to our liking, if the matter arises that we decide to part with the horse , or a horse has won prize money. Any sales of horse(s) would be re-invested in the health and well being of current horses or new horse ventures. The same opinion poll process would commence all over again. 

Social Media & Crowd Funding

Funding will be driven from social media (Facebook ,Twitter,Instagram) and Crowd Funding. Once we surpass the threshold for sourcing and investment to commence. The value of the horses will be made public for transparency. 

Every share purchased will be of equal value. 

All monies made will be decided by Opinion Poll. This is a club and your investment is at risk at all times.


But we have a goal and that goal is getting a runner in Cheltenham.

Too many ownership clubs invest in small value horses with little chance of making progress or running in the big meetings.

Opinion Polls to Decide Key Decisions

Using the opinion poll strategy as a key for decision making, this gives everyone who invested a say in how decisions are made and how money is spent.

Parameters will be set and views and opinions will be listen too. These will then be feed back to the wider audience for opinion polls to be generated. 

Giving the investor a real say in the most important decisions.

  1. Name 

  2. Trainer  

  3. Pathway or route throughout his/her racing career.

Monitor Progress 

Monitoring the progress will be achieved by weekly updates from the stable handler for each horse.


This will be achieved with a blog like system, text updates , photos. General response and well being of the horses. This will be achieved by a separate agreement with the stable staff and not the trainer. A small fee or tip will be paid to the stable staff on a monthly basis.

At HRStats we are fully aware of the connection a stable handler has with the horses they look after on a daily basis. This relationship is important for any animal to move from training to track. These horses have minds of their own. So all the help and support from the investors would be welcomed.

Long Term objective

The long term objective for this club is to provide quality and not quantity , transparency of all monies spent. All investments and key decisions are decided by the members and the members only. Guidance from the trainer will always be a key and important factor. Any monies made would be reinvested and the club would grow. This club is for the people and its foundations will be the people who invested.

Feedback and Involvement

Feedback is important for any club or business to improve and move forward. So feedback will be required , good or bad feedback is the voice of the investors. Issues will be dealt with and feedback will be returned. 

Transparency will be achieved on trust , and trust will be gained on transparency.

Thank You